Founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Miznon is an international casual restaurant chain offering a new take on Israeli street food. Helmed by one of the leading figures in the Israeli culinary scene and appeared as a judge on the highly acclaimed Israeli “MasterChef”, chef Eyal Shani, who imparts a sense of magic in every bite. Since its founding, Miznon has expanded to New York City, Paris, Vienna, Melbourne and finally making its way to Singapore’s lively culinary scene.


Born in Jerusalem in 1959, Eyal Shani is a famed restauranteur, TV personality and self-taught chef who is widely regarded as a local food hero – fellow Israeli Chef Yotam Ottolenghi lauded him as ‘the voice of modern Israeli cuisine’.

Best known for his fervent passion for vegetables, Shani’s culinary passion was first instilled by his grandfather, an agronomist and dedicated vegan who exposed him to local markets, fields and vineyards from a young age.

Besides the highly-acclaimed contemporary casual eatery chain Miznon which has become an international sensation with 11 outlets around the world, Shani also owns and manages a portfolio of restaurants in Tel Aviv. This includes Port Said, Romano, North Abraxas, Malka and fine dining restaurant HaSalon.

Before Shani garnered international acclaim, his first foray into F&B was his restaurant “Oceanus" in his hometown of Jerusalem. There, he developed a unique culinary language based on Mediterranean products: olive oil, fish, tahini, fresh seasonal vegetables and the tomato – essentials in his repertoire that also laid the foundation and inspired his journey to creating Miznon.

Today, Shani is distinguished by his signature culinary style that embraces farm-to-table practices, supporting local farmers and a minimalistic approach to seasoning. At Miznon, he has conjured a vibrant and high-energy restaurant style based on ‘Miznon magic’, an enlightened approach that promises an experience like no other.

Shani has also been a judge on the past six seasons of MasterChef Israel.